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Y6W 2014 - 2015

Hello Readers,


Today we are celebrating!!!! Our S.A.T.S. are finally over, and we are all tired but delighted. Most of all, we are all PROUD because we really have done OUR VERY BEST! Mrs Evans and Mrs Melling are both extremely proud of us all too.Take a look at us all now.

Us all after S.A.T.S.

Before S.A.T.S. began, each one of made a 'Good Luck' card, for a class member, to spur them on. Take a look at us with our cards.

Good Luck to You!

On Friday, we were able to wear our own clothes, as we had 100% attendance for the 4 days of S.A.T.S. Not only that, but the whole of Year 6 were awarded the 'Star of the Week'. Well done to you all.

Stars of the Week

On Friday, we all had a few treats, including time outside in the warm weather AND an ice lolly. DELICIOUS!!! Take a look at us all relaxing.

Relaxing in the sun, with ice lollies!

Finally, we hope that you all have a wonderful weekend - we all are going to rest and relax in the sunshine.


Speak to you all next week.

Hello Readers,




After much preparation by all, next Monday sees the start of our S.A.T.S. tests. Take a look at us all - Do we look worried?

6W - Come on S.A.T.S - We can't wait!

The timetable for S.A.T.S. in 6W is as follows;


Monday - Reading 

Tuesday - S.P.A.G

Wednesday- Mental Maths and Maths Paper 1

Thursday - Maths Paper 2


Please remember to have a full breakfast each day next week. Year 6 Breakfast Club is open each morning, from 8 am. Encourage your child to come along for a drink, snack and chat.


Congratulations to Sophie, our 'Star of the Week' and Upper Phase trophy winner.




Sophie - 6W Star

Finally, we all need to be in school every day next week - please make every effort to attend.


Wishing you all a sunny, happy and healthy week ahead.

Happy St George Day, to all our readers.


Over the past 2 days, each one of us in 6W has produced a fact sheet, detailing the life and legend that was St George. This afternoon, we have even attempted a poem, the results of which can be viewed next week.


Most of our week has been spent completing last minute revision in Maths and English, preparing ourselves for the S.A.T.S. tests for real (Monday 11th - Thursday 14th May). Congratulations and well done to you all! Both Mre Melling and Mrs Evans have been so very impressed with your efforts and success - but remember ... KEEP IT UP!


Congratulations to Charlotte, our 'Star of the Week' and 'Upper Phase Trophy Winner'.

Our Star!

Congratulations to all those in 6W who attended our now famous @Westfield Easter School 2015'. Those invited to attend,  spent 4 days working on challenging areas of Maths, for 5 hours each day. How impressed are you all? Their reward? A cinema voucher for a trip to see any film of their choice! Take a look at our Easter Mathematicians.

6W Easter Mathematicians

Another reason for GREAT celebration in class was that ... we have achieved 100% attendance for 3 days running ... a new record in 6W! The whole class have agreed to try exceptionally hard to attend school each day next week, thus being rewarded with our very own, own clothes day! Can you imagine that? Mrs Evans could finally get to show off her Manchester City top. Here's hoping.


Easter Mathematicians

Finally, we wish you all a happy, sunny and safe week ahead. Speak to you all next week.

Hello Friends,


What a busy week .... and it's only Thursday!


We have completed practice S.A.T.S papers in Maths, Reading and Writing, and progress is being achieved by all. PLEASE continue to work over the holidays ... just this once ... as S.A.T.S. for real begin 3 weeks after our return.


During French this week, Mrs Wilson asked the children to complete  a French assessment, and all the staff were delighted with their responses. Tres Bien 6W! 


Congratulations to both Connor and Eloise, our winners in our 'Eiffel Tower' drawing competition. 

Our 'Eiffel Tower' artists!

Mr Moore visited our class on Monday and Tuesday afternoon, to lead us in I.CT. The children had great fun, and finished work will be included on this blog, after then Easter break. Take a look at Year 6 at work.

In 'Westfield's Easter Egg' competition, 6W had exciting and original entries. Take a look at them!

6W - Easter Egg Entries

Congratulations to you all - you are all winners!


This morning, 6W invited 5W into class, to share the work completed during 'Wordless Books Week'. 5W spoke and showed work about 'Tuesday', 6W about 'The Man who Walked the Towers'. Great interest was shown by both classes, to each others work. Well Done to both classes. The photographs speak for themselves.

Congratulations to Owen - our 'Star of the Week'.

Our Star

Finally, have a happy, healthy and sunshine filled Easter break - we will speak to you from 6W Central, when we return!

Hello Readers,


Yet again, 6W have had a hard working, S.A.T.S. solving and progress making week - what else would you expect from us?


Today, the whole class has got to grips with Pie Charts, a challenging, mathematical method of recording data! During the week, many different frequency charts and graphs have been revised and understood. Furthermore, a S.A.T.S. style paper was completed, and progress achieved by many - Well done 6W! Just a few more weeks and S.A.T.S. will only be a memory!


Much English work has been completed this week. Well done to all in 6W! We have looked at a Reading paper - Caves and Caving in Daveley Dale, and a variety of different styles of questions answered. As the week progressed, a long and short writing task was attempted, and a Grammar paper attempted. WOW! WOW! WOW!



Our 6W Writers

This afternoon, in P.S.H.E. the class have been discussing the rights and responsibilities of childhood, a most interesting and enlightening subject. There were many intelligent and thoughtful responses, and the working produced, very impressive indeed! Take a look at us at work.

Childhood Rights and Responsibilities by 6W

Congratulations to our 'Star of the Week' - Courteney. Well Done!

Our Star!

Don't forget to send in your entries for our Easter Egg competition on Tuesday - the entries will be judged on that day.


Some of the children will have received an invitation to join us at 'Easter School 2015' - 4 days of Maths and English work, from 7th - 10th April 2015. If your child has been invited along, pleas return the required form on Monday 30th March.


Finally, we all here at 6W Central, wish you a sunny, happy and safe week ahead. 

Hello Readers,


What a FANTASTIC!!! day it has been today - hard working AND memorable, for the first time since 1999, there has been a solar eclipse.


Year 6W were able to experience this amazing and magnificent natural wonder this morning, in the safety of the Main Hall in school. Mr Moore very kindly set up the BBC live link, and we were able to watch the eclipse, as it happened. What an experience! There was total silence in the hall as we all witnessed the solar 'diamond ring', as the moon blocked the sun for about 90 seconds. We watched in awe and amazement! This afternoon, each of us completed a piece of artwork, trying to capture the colours of the ring - take a look at our work.

S.A.T.S. style work has been completed in both Maths and English - we are all working very, very, very hard indeed to achieve our targets in Maths, Reading, Writing and S.P.A.G. There are only 23 more school days until S.A.T.S. begin - so the hard work must continue!


Today, Friday 20th March 2015 has been an extra special day in class - for the first time since September 2014, the whole class attended school this morning! Well done to everyone and LONG MAY IT CONTINUE! Our target for next week is ... at least 2 days full attendance, if not more. Please support us in our target.

The Whole of 6W

The Prison Service visited school on Tuesday, and spoke to us about a variety of subjects around 'Keeping Safe'. A frank and hard hitting talk was given relating to the dangers of illegal drugs, the importance of safety on the internet was highlighted and finally, that  certain actions have consequences. The class listened well. When asked their thoughts and views about the visit, a variety of responses were given, ranging from 'It was scary' to 'I have learn't so much'.



Congratulations to William, our 'Star of the Week' and Upper Phase trophy winner. Well done William!

William - our 'Star of the Week' and Upper Phase trophy winner

Finally, we wish you all a healthy, happy and safe week ahead, and look forward to reporting all our hard work to you, next Friday.

Hello Readers,


Welcome to you all on 'Red Nose Day' - a day where 6F have celebrated this day by wearing red noses ( of several varieties) along with some of us having red hair ( for the day ONLY!).


Take a look at our photographs below;


6W Red Nosers!

In Maths, we have taken a look at ratio and proportion, and completed a variety of tasks on this. Towards the end of the week, we completed a S.A.T.S. paper - Paper 1, Paper 2 and a Mental Maths test. This has helped direct future revision session and where work needs to be consolidated.


The class have finally finished their own versions of the book - The Man Who Walked Between the Towers. This has been quite a challenge, but each of the pupils is delighted with their own book. Take a look at their delight!

Congratulations to Tommy, our 'Star of the Week' AND trophy winner for Upper Phase. Very well done!

Our Winner!

We were delighted to invite other children from Year 6 into our classroom this lunchtime, to play, relax and unwind during 'wet lunch'. Look at the fun we all have had.

We want to wish all 'ladies who love us' a wonderful day on Sunday! 


Finally, keep safe, healthy and happy all week!

Hello Readers,


We have decided to write in this colour this week , to match the lovely sunshine outside! Let us hope the rest of the year is as wonderful.




6W lead the Upper Phase Assembly on Tuesday morning, and Connor's opening words were about how busy we are in class at the moment ( with smiles on our faces, of course Mr Sherriff!). Mrs Baker was delighted with the different work the whole class showcased -including asking the Year 5's and other Year 6 classes to have a go at the weekly spellings we learn. Alex, Courteney, Charlotte, Owen, Sophie, Blake, Tyresse and Jack awarded Well Done tokens to those in the audience who could spell the words!


On Thursday, great fun was had by all during World Book Day. We all came as different characters from books we have read. Take a look at our photos.

World Book Day

The class had a great treat when we were invited by Year 2 to share stories with them, and read books which were for sale at the Book Fayre. Take a look at the fun we had!
The school competition - Book in a bottle - attracted 4 entries from 6W,  slightly disappointing as there are 19 pupils in class. Nevertheless, judging took place, and our winner was .................... Alex Thompson, with his entry for Billionaire Boy by David Walliams - our very own class novel! Well done to all four who entered, and a huge CONGRATULATIONS!!! to Alex. See the photo's for yourself.

Stories in a bottle - 6W

This week in Maths, we have concentrated on Time. As of today, Friday 6th March, every single member of 6W who has attended school this week, can now tell the time, using an analogue clock! Much, much work has taken place, and lots more practice will be taking place over the oncoming months. As much as digital watches are wonderful, they certainly do not help children learn to tell the time! Please, if watches are to be bought, make them analogue - with the clock face.


Congratulations to Sophie - our Star of the Week. Congratulations Sophie.


Next week, the whole class will be showcasing their books, retelling the story of 'The Man who walked across the Towers'. All week the class have been discovering the benefits of wordless books - and seeing how their imaginations can go wild, when looking at these.


Have a happy, safe and relaxing weekend - in the sun shine.

We will catch up with you all, next Friday.


Hello Readers,


A big hello from us all in 6W - another amazing week has been had!


In Maths, the 4 operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) have been revised and S.A.T.S. style questions answered> The old chestnut of not knowing all our tables was evident! Mrs Evans has asked all the class to revise their tables- up to 12 x 12, even if they hold the top multiplication band!


In English, the whole class has focused on S.P.A.G. work - spelling, punctuation and grammar to those not in school - and solid progress has been achieved. Well done to all.


Congratulations to Adan - our 'star of the week' - Well done!

Our Star

We will speak again next week.


Have a happy, healthy and safe weekend.

Hello Readers,


Guess what? 6W have had, once again, a hard working, progress making and fun filled week! So much has been completed that, the whole class agreed that the week has flown by!


In Maths, we have, once again, taken a look at 'Fractions' - equivalent, improper, mixed, ordering, using common denominators, fractions of amounts and looking at S.A.T.. style questions on them. WOW! All in one week> Well done to the whole class - they have worked so very hard and many of them are on the verge of 'mastering' them! Keep up all your fine efforts 6W.


In English, time has been spent taking a look at 2013 Reading S.A.T., based on 'WOLVES'. The different styles of questions have been looked at and discussed, and examples of correct answers have been shown. The class continue to work on spellings, to aid our written work - keep learning those sent home each week PLEASE! Finally, keep reading - it is a great hobby, and helps everyone in their comprehension and written work.


This week, our 'Guides for London' have been completed - our Geography topic has been Capitals this half term. Much research was undertaken with many 'places of interest' identified. The guidebooks will be going on display outside our classroom, for you all to see on Parents Evenings in March. Take a look at photographs of our guide books. 

Guides for London by 6W

On Tuesday, the whole school focused on E-Net Safety Day. 6W discussed the importance of knowing which information about ourselves should be regarded as 'personal' and 'impersonal'. Much discussion took place about friendships- off and on line, and how important it was to be careful with our details. A short film clip was watched, to reinforce these matters. Following this, each member of 6W designed and produced a poster, to be placed around the classroom, reminding us all of the importance of E-Net safety. Take a look at our work. 

This morning, during our weekly assembly, those children who have attended school this half term, without  single days absence, were congratulated by Mr Sherriff, and received a certificate. With delight, there were several 6W children who were identified. A HUGE congratulations to them! Take a look at our successful attenders.


6W 100%' ers!

Congratulation to our 'Star of the Week' in 6W - Leah. Well Done!

Our Star

Each child in 6W has brought home some Maths worksheets. These can be completed over the half term break, if they so choose. Each person was able to select their own worksheets  - but were encouraged to take work from a topic that they feel a little bit shaky on - the sheets becoming a confidence booster and revision tool. Each child was able to decide how many sheet to take - these can be returned during the first 3 weeks of the next half term. 


Finally, have a safe, restful and healthy half term break. Let us all hope that the sun will shine each day!

We will update you all on our hard work adventures very soon.

Hello Readers,


Welcome to our 'RED' day at Westfield. 6W have, along with the rest of school, chosen to wear something red, to support The British Heart Foundation. Many thanks to all who sent in donations - these will be sent off shortly by school. We will let you know the total amount raised next week. Take a look at how we supported the cause!

Red 6W

No surprises at all if we tell our regular readers that it has, once again, been a hard working, fun learning and progress making week!


In Maths, the whole class worked through a complete Maths S.A.T.S paper. This helped us find out what we could do and what we needed more learning opportunities, to master fully. Well done to all. Towards the end of the week, we looked at scales - there is quite a technique to spotting the jumps in scales - we are all very nearly there! Finally, short and long multiplication was revised, and Mrs Evans was totally delighted with our work.


In English, we completed a whole Reading S.A.T.S. paper - based on Inventions, a story called The Faces of Czars and Under the Sea. This was challenging, and showed us all the importance of reading fiction and non-fiction books. A plea from Mrs Evans - please keep reading - it can be a book, comic, newspaper or magazine. Record what you have read, and how many pages as often as you read. This will really help your understanding of texts. The more you read, the more you will learn!


In Science, the class learned about how to keep healthy and how some legal substances can be harmful to the human body. The class looked at a short clip about smoking, followed by a clip showing the dangers of underage drinking. Both topics were discussed in a mature, sensible manner - Well Done 6W!


Hard work has been completed regarding the weekly spellings - one strategy the class use ( there are many!) is 'look,cover, write then check'. You can see the class hard at work this morning, using this to help them learn and remember the chosen year 5/6 words. Keep working hard 6W.

The 6W Spellers in action

Congratulations to Jack , our 'Star of the Week' - Well Done Jack!
We all hope that you will have a happy, healthy and safe week ahead - and we will update you all about our adventures in 6W next week!

Our Star

Hello All,


Would you be surprised if we told you that, once again, 6W have had another HARD WORKING, PROGRESS MAKING AND FUN LEARNING week?


In Maths, under the umbrella of 'Measuring', the whole class have been focused on Capacity -measuring liquids. Much fun has been has trying to estimate amounts of water, measured in millilitres and litres, and prizes, in the form of Well Done tokens, awarded! Friday was spent taking a look at S.A.T.S. style questions, in preparation for May.


In English, work has been completed in Spellings. Each Tuesday, 6W are being tested on 10 spellings which they will have been given the week before. Please help them with these words during the week. Furthermore,the class has taken a look at an example of a Reading S.A.T.S paper, and spent some time looking at the styles of questions asked. It would be a great help if, when you are hearing your child read, you could discuss what has been read  and possibly ask a few question about the plot, character etc.


In Topic work - Capitals, the class has begun to make a 'Guide Book to London'. Research has been carried out on the computer, and many places of interest have been identified. We will post photographs of these wonderful pieces of work, when they have been completed!


Congratulations to our Stars of the Week - Alex, Blake and Tyrese - for their amazing help towards Connor. We are delighted to say that the 3 boys were awarded the ' Upper Phase Cup' for Phase Stars! WOW! WOW! WOW!


Our Stars of the Week

We hope that you all will have a happy, safe and healthy weekend. 

Speak to you all next week.

Hello Reader,


Yet again, 6W have had ... another hard working week!


In Maths, we have been learning about transformations of shapes - translations, reflections and rotations. The whole class have built a very solid base of understanding of these sub topics, culminating in answering S.A.T.S. style questions. Well done to 6W - and remember to bring your extra Maths homework in on Monday!


In English, 'London' has been the theme for our non-fiction based work, linked also to our Topic work - 'Capital Cities of the UK'. Fascinating facts have been researched and recorded, fact sheets produced and features of non fiction texts investigated. 


Dictionary work has been prominent this week - much word investigation work has been completed using them, in both English and French. 

Dictionary work in English and French

Our class were totally delighted to welcome back Connor into school - there were huge smiles and much happiness when he arrived. Welcome back! Huge thanks to all those who have helped Connor travel around school in his wheel chair - especially Alex, Tyrese and Blake. Nothing seems too much trouble for any of them, during the school day.

Connor and his band of helpers!

Star of the Week is Connor - congratulations to him!

Star of the Week

Finally,  a reminder to 6W. Please bring planners, reading books, homework and Learning Logs into school on Monday - Well Done tokens await for those who remember!


Have a safe, healthy and restful weekend.

Reminder: School closes on Thursday the 21st of July