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Y2W 2014-2015

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Oh My Goodness

What a week we have had in Year 2. It started with boxes, lots and lots of boxes. We were asked to bring them from home and we brought them in their hundreds(well almost) and stored them in our shared area not quite sure what we needed them for. we found out later that week.


Our new topic was The Great Fire Of London and we began the week by learning all about the fire, where it started, Pudding Lane, when it started, 1666, how it started, the fire in an oven in the bakery was not properly extinguished and how long it lasted, 4 days.


We completed word searches, comprehension and sketches of the buildings but the best was yet to come. Remember the boxes? well we recreated London as it looked in 1666, including the bakery where the fire broke out and St Pauls Cathedral . We cut and stuck and painted and on Thursday 25th June 2015 we took London to the A.L.P.S, set fire to it!!.


Everyone had a part to play. Some of us were eyewitnesses who reported what we saw, heard and what we felt. Others took to boats on the River Thames to escape the fire and the rest of the children formed the very important "bucket line" which involved passing buckets (cups) of water in an effort to put the fire out, originally this took 4 days we managed to do it much faster.


It was a fantastic morning as you will see by our photos and we really enjoyed our selves. We would like to send a huge thank you to all of you for saving your boxes.


See you all next week

Love from 2W

Miss Mousdell, Mrs Turton, Mrs Mason and Miss Holt xx

This week has been a fantastic week for Year 2! 

The children have designed, made and evaluated their sandwich and fairy cake! They had so much fun making both the sandwich and the fairy cakes, it got a little messy!! 


Westfield's first ever tea party was a great success and we would like to thank each every one of you for your support and a great turn out! 

The children absolutely loved it and we hope you enjoyed the cakes too!


There's lots of photos to follow!

WOW! What a busy week we've had in 2W!

We started the week in a fantastic way by going on our school trip! After learning about foods from around the world the children had the chance to try Indian, Chinese, Italian and Tex -Mex at the Red Hot World Buffet!

In the morning we also went Museum of Science and Industry, where the children were able to watch a show about the Manchester Revolution. The children behaved brilliantly throughout the day! We were so proud of them!

The children loved trying all the different foods and they rated them out of 5! Some children gave all the food 5!! It was great to see them enjoying the different types of food! The children were so well behaved! Here are our pictures...


Welcome back to 2W's blog! 

The children have been working so hard over the past few weeks in preparation for their SATS!


The children have learnt about different nocturnal animals and found about their habitat (where they live), appearance, diet and any other interesting facts.

We have researched owls, badgers, hedgehogs, squirrels, shrews and bats!

DID YOU KNOW... The smallest bat is called a pipistrelle and weighs about the same as 11 paperclips!!! 

Ask the children if they can remember any more facts about the animals. 


The children have also learnt about non chronological reports! They first looked at all the features (main title, opening sentence/ paragraph, sub headings, main text, pictures and captions) The children have then written their own non-chronological reports on pets, Westfield and the Victorians. 

The teachers are really proud of how hard all the children have working!


We hope you have a great weekend and see you on Monday morning!

Hi from Year 2W, we are very sorry for the long break but we have had laptop problems and unable to upload the blog. We are back now and ready to tell you about everything we've been up to!

We've been so busy over the past few weeks! We've had World book day and the children all looked amazing in their costumes!

There was also Red Nose Day, the children's hair and faces were brilliant! Thank you to everyone for their efforts and donations!



During the past few weeks we have looked at a few different books. We have looked at a wordless book called Free Fall. We looked at what was happening in each of the pictures and used our senses to think about what the main character could see, hear feel etc. The children had brilliant ideas and these were recorded on each of the pictures. Each of the children wrote a paragraph telling the story. The imagination the children had was amazing!


We have just started to look at The Twits!

The children have loved learning about the tricks they play on each other and the disgusting things that are found in Mr Twits' beard! We have written a fantastic description of Mrs Twit!


In Maths we have looked at arrays with multiplication, fractions and division! 2W have worked so hard on all of these topics and the teachers are really proud of the work the children have completed.


In Topic we have looked at the Victorians and compared schools from the Victorian time to now, looking at uniform and school rules.



Last week we had our assessment week. The children worked so hard and showed great progress in all their work! The teachers are so proud of them and the effort they put into their work!

We hope you have a great weekend and see you on Monday!

Love Miss Mousdell, Mrs Turton, Mrs Mason and Mrs Holt.



Hello from year 2W. Wow!! have we been busy this week. We knew at the beginning of the week that we had a very important  and lots of task to perform and that we would have to work very hard.


We started rehersals for our assembly about the Chinese New Year after making all the lovely things we wanted to show you, money packets, lanterns,

and lots of ribbons. We had to learn our lines and remember to speak in loud voices, although at first our teachers said they thoght we had left our loud voices on the playground but we got it right in the end. We told the story of how the Jade Emperor chose the animals for the zodiac.


It was a great success and we were all very pleased that you enjoyed it. Check us out in the video on the web site.


We finished the week by freeze framing. If you dont know what this is its when you take a scene from a story, we are reading Red Riding Hood you get into position and Freeze!!. Just like in a  Steven Spielberg film only Miss Mousdell was the director and the photographer. We are officially tired out and ready for a holiday, see you after half term.


Love from Year2W, Miss Mousdell, Mrs Turton

Mrs Mason and Mrs Holt.

We're so sorry we haven't kept you updated, there has been technical problems!

We've been so busy learning about lots of new things.


We have looked at shapes, learning about 3d shapes and their properties. The children we really good with their properties and were able to work out how many edges, vertices (a junior word for corners!) and faces each shape had!

We've also been looking time! We've learnt about O'clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past.  Some of us have also looked at these times using a digital clock!

All the teachers are so impressed with all of our Maths skills.


We have been looking at different books. We've look at Hansel and Gretel; the children designed their own house in the forest! Some children made their house out of breakfast ingredients! There was bacon rashers on the roof and some children had sausages as their roof! The children also created a new villain! Some changed the witch to a wizard or an evil fairy!  The children then wrote their own version of the story! They worked so hard and really impressed their teachers!

We've also looked at the Chinese Zodiac story! The children have learnt about this both in English and Topic. The children wrote a summary of the story and some children role played the story using masks! We each researched the animal of our birth year! Some children in the class are Boars and others are rats!  We can't wait for you to come and see our Chinese New Year Assembly!

We've also just started to read Little Red Riding Hood and will be continuing this book after half term!



In Topic lessons we have learnt About the Chinese New Year. We have made a fact file on the traditions and customs of the celebration. The children even tasted different Chinese food! The children LOVED this lesson! They thought the food was delicious!


We're so excited to perform for you this week! Don't forget 2:30 on Wednesday!

From Miss Mousdell, Mrs Turton, Mrs Mason and Mrs Holt.


Welcome back to 2W's blog!! 

Sorry we've been away, we had some technical issues.

We've had a great final week in school. We started this week with our Polar Express Day! The children looked so snuggly in their pyjamas and they all enjoyed the film. The teachers are so proud of all the Polar Express work the children have completed! They really did try so hard and produced some fabulous descriptions! Well Done Everyone!!


On Tuesday we then had our Christmas Party! The children had a great time dancing and eating! We played lots of different party games like musical bumps, musical statues and corners! 


The children have enjoyed the rest of their week writing an evaluation on the brilliant beach bags they have made this term! 


Take a look at our week in pictures below! 

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Have a great holiday!

Love Miss Mousdell, Mrs Turton, Mrs Mason and Miss Fewtrull


Well done 2W not only have you worked hard this week, we've also got 100% attendance!! 


Wow this week the children have really been showing off! In Maths and English they've been completing assessments this week and really showing what they can do! We're so impressed with them so well done 2W!! 


In our topic lessons we've been looking at the Caribbean and learning about Mary Seacole! The children have really enjoyed learning about somewhere new.  In Science we have been learning about living, non-living and was once alive.


Tune in next week to see what we get up to...We're off to the ALPS!!


Have a great weekend see you bright and early on Monday morning!

Love Miss Mousdell, Mrs Turton and Mrs Mason. 


Welcome back to 2W's blog!



This week we have been starting to look at multiplication. We started the week looking at columns and rows. Towards the end of the week the children were able to make arrays and began to look at the multiplication sentence. 



In English we looked at a book from another culture called Beautiful Bananas. We compared and contrasted the setting and where live.



We have started to look at continents and the oceans around the world. The children have been really interested in this topic and have been asking lots of questions about the world.


We finished the week with a fabulous Children in Need Day!! The children all looked fantastic! Thank you for all your kind donations!


We hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Love Miss Mousdell, Mrs Turton, Miss Hunt and Mrs Mason.

Welcome to another busy, busy week in 2W.

The children have all been working really hard and are ready for the half term holiday!


This week we had the pleasure of watching Year 4's Harvest Assembly! They were brilliant! Well done everyone in Year 4! We loved it!



In English this week we have been looking at poetry, in particular Acrostic Poems. The children spent a lesson collecting vocabulary about Autumn. We went outside and collected words that described what we could see and hear. The children then turned them into sentences and then into an Acrostic poem. To finish the week off the children took what they had learnt and independently wrote an Acrostic poem on Halloween! The teachers are so proud of all their work! Well done everyone!



This week we started to look at symmetry. The children created their own symmetrical patterns and designed symmetrical butterflies.



This week we have designed our own bug hotel to go in our ALPS. The first day back the children will be visiting the ALPS to build their bug hotel, so please remember a coat and suitable footwear!


This week the children also attended the Halloween disco, everybody look amazing in their costumes and they all had a great time!


We hope you all have a great half term and a spooktacular Halloween!

Stay safe Trick or Treating and we'll see you bright and early on Monday 3rd November!

Love Miss Mousdell, Mrs Turton, Miss Hunt and Miss Mason xxx




Welcome back to 2w's blog!

We've been really busy this week learning lots of new things!




During our English lessons this week we have written our own story based on Zog! The children chose elephants, giraffes, lions and tigers. The children worked so hard on this and were able to write a full story! The teachers are so proud of the work they have completed!




In maths this week we have continued to look at empty number lines and completed work on both addition and subtraction! The children are trying really hard to learn this new skill!


Book Fair


This week we returned to the book fair and read with Year 5. It was really nice to see the children reading together and enjoying a book! 





This week in our topic lesson we took a trip into the ALPS, following a map. The children were able to spot features on the map and folow the map around the area. The children really enjoyed it!



WE hope you have a great weekend and see you bright and early on Monday morning

Love Miss Mousdell, Mrs Turton, Miss Hunt and Mrs Mason




Welcome to our Year 2 class blog



The children have settled really well and are all working hard. We have been really busy during the first few weeks in our new class.

In English we have loved reading the story of ‘The Troll!’ We began by creating our own creatures and describing them. We read another story The Three Billy Goats Gruff and noticed lots of similarities and differences between them. We have taken ideas from both stories and created our own.


In Maths we have really enjoyed making, writing and recording different numbers and understanding their values using some dienes equipment.


Our topic is called ‘We’re going on a bug hunt.’ In these lessons we have been talking about our local environment and we have been studying maps and atlases. We learned about a famous artist ‘Andy Goldsworthy’ who used natural materials to create art work. We visited the ALPs to collect natural materials and below are some photographs of the art work which we created.

*** School reports are to be sent to parents via Weduc on Friday 10th July. Take Care, Stay Safe ***