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YPC Sunshine Room

Week beginning 29.6.15


Well this week has been a very hot and sticky week, so to keep us all cool at nursery we have enjoyed lots of fresh cooling water play both in the shade outside and inside when it became too hot to go out. We also enjoyed lots of refreshing and cold ice-creams and ice pops.

The sun has got his hat on!! smiley

This week we have been developing our already growing sensory skills. We used sensory bags to touch, feel and squeeze allowing us to explore the different textures inside them.



   week beginning 15/6/2015

This week we have been trying some new tastes. We have tried some new exotic fruits such as passion fruit, lime and lemon. We have really enjoyed this activity, even if the lemon was very tangy!!

Some of our children have also started to master some new impressive skills this week as well. WOW well done everyone!! smiley



Recently the pre-school children have been looking after some baby chicks and they very kindly gave us the opportunity to look at and hold them, Thank you pre-school!! no



We have been making good use of our outdoor space during the lovely weather we have been having the last few weeks. We even enjoyed an alfresco snack time in the sunshine!! smiley



We enjoyed some nice cool ice pops on a sunny day!!

Week Beginning: 18.5.15

We have been using our whole bodies to make big marks in the play dough this week which will help us to develop our upper and lower body strength.

We used or hands and even our feet to mould and manipulate the dough and we did this to music to make the activity more interesting and fun for everyone and to encourage us to move our bodies in various ways.

We have been developing our large physical skills further by using all our outdoor equipment to climb, crawl and slide with.

We even go outside all weathers and manage to stay dry with our all weather wet suits.


What amazing singing voices we have had this week and how wonderful to see you all trying to follow the actions to our favourite songs!!

Great work Sunshine room children smiley

We have had lots of fun getting messy this past week. We have been using our whole bodies to explore different resources to be creative with!!



Hello and welcome to the Sunshine Room Blog!! smiley


  We have been having lots of water play fun by splashing, pouring and even saying new words like Duck and Quack!





We have been looking at different animals and their babies this spring time and enjoyed a trip to the local pet shop.




In the Sunshine room we like to spend quality time with our friends and key people and a good way to do this is by constructing our own communication friendly spaces. Here we can begin to develop our already growing language skills and even have some quiet alone time when needed.smiley






We have so much fun with bubbles and love to say "POP"



We have been developing our big physical movements and sometimes enjoy doing this at the local park!!

Look how good we are getting at walking up and down the steps!! smiley

*** School reports are to be sent to parents via Weduc on Friday 10th July. Take Care, Stay Safe ***