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Y5W 2014 - 2015

Friday 26th September


Welcome to Year 5W’s blog for this week.


Maths -  This week we have been looking at the dreaded  DECIMAL NUMBERS!!!!!! It has taken a couple of sessions but we all now understand that in between all whole numbers there are parts of numbers or decimal numbers. We can now all recognise tenths of a number. Yippee!!!!! Also, the children have had a quick taster session on Mathletics this week in school. They all have their login details so are able to access this brilliant maths website at home.


English - This week we have returned to the story Bling! As we told you before (in a previous blog) the story finished without giving us an ending! So, we have planned our own endings and then written them up. Some of us decided that Billy would change his cat back as he loved him so much. Whereas others wrote that he would leave his cat as a golden statue and continue being popular with everybody.


Topic - This week we have been looking at the types of creatures that might live in a wetland. We have been matching mini-beast pictures to their description. Also, we have assembled our own mini-beasts following instructions.


The children are getting excited and are all looking forward to our visit to Martin Mere on Thursday 16th October! We still have quite a few permission slips still not returned and would appreciate if you could return them as soon as possible into school with your child. Thank you very much.


To raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support there was a Coffee Morning in school today. A big thank you to all the parents who were able to come along and show their support. All the children in class were given juice and biscuits so that they were able to join in and make a contribution. Here are some photos from this morning for you to enjoy...


Our Certificate Winner this week is Lucy for being a constant POSITIVE ray of light all the time. In class, at break and at dinner time. During Assembly, Lucy went on to win the Pupil of the Week award and takes home the cup for the Upper Phase this week. WOW!!!! A huge well done from us all.

We hope you all have a fantastic weekend and look forward to seeing you again on Monday.

Friday 12th September


Welcome to Year 5W’s first blog of the school year.


Maths -  This week we have been investigating place value and asking ourselves what a digit is worth. For example...

34,982 the 3 is worth 30,000, the 4 is worth 4,000, the 9 is worth 900, the 8 is worth 80 and the 2 is worth just 2 units! Clever stuff we think!

Also, we have been looking at number patterns and sequences.


English - We have read a story called Bling which was all about a boy called Billy who felt he was a bit of a loser and had no friends. One day his beloved, grey cat, Goji, spotted a strange little creature in the garden. It was a Chimichanga, a mischevious, little imp that granted him a wish. Billy wished to be able to turn things into gold. He became very popular and gained lots of friends with his new found ability. Then one day, his precious cat Goji turned into gold! What a disaster! He found Chimichanga and asked him to turn Goji back. This would mean turning everything else back too. Billy had a dilemma because that would make him unpopular with all his new friends! What would you do? Can you guess what Billy did? Well, unfortunately we can't tell you because the story ended there! How bad is that?:


As a result, we have designed WANTED posters for the Chimichanga to try and locate him and find out how the story ends. Also, we have been thinking about adjectives to help describe what the Chimichanga looks like.


Topic – This week we have begun our first Topic, it is called Woodlands and Wetlands. We visited the ALPS to look for some creatures and plants that are living in our own woodlands. It was great fun and we couldn't believe the variety of wildlife we were able to find. We saw birds, insects, rodents, spiders, fungi, trees, plants and flowers! Have a look at some of our pictures from the day.

Our ALPS visit for our Woodlands and Wetlands Topic

Our Certificate Winner this week is Josh for an outstanding week. Always ready to work and always trying incredibly hard. A delight to teach. A big well done to Josh from us all. no

Happy Birthday to Abbie and Casey who celebrated their 10th birthday on Wednesday of this week. smiley


We hope you all have a fantastic weekend and look forward to seeing you again on Monday.

*** All pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 inclusive are expected to return to school on Wednesday 2nd September. We look forward to seeing you. ***