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Friday 1st May

Friday 1st May


Welcome back to the Year 5W blog. It has been another busy week again.


Maths - This has been our last week learning about fractions. All of us can now confidently find a common denominator as well as turn a mixed number into an improper fraction. Also, we can both add and subtract fractions. Most of us are now able to multiply fractions too. Aren’t we all just fraction fiends?


English – We have been doing comprehension based on non-fiction texts. Also, we have continued to look at spelling words ending in tious or cious.


Topic – On Wednesday, we used a website which allowed us to design a Greek vase using a computer. Why don't you have a try at home?

We have added these to our plans to give us more ideas for our own vases. The actual making of the vases is underway. The children are working in pairs to make a vase using balloons, paper mache and brown gummed paper. Here are some photographs of them working together…

This week’s certificate winner is Asim for finally recognising that sometimes silence is golden! Excellent concentration and superb work this week. A big well done to Asim from us all.

Picture 1

Just a reminder that school is being used as a Polling Station, for the General Election, on Thursday 7th May. Therefore school will be closed for the day.


All that remains is to say we hope you enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend and we will see you back in school on Tuesday.


*** Attendance for w/c 6th February 2020... RW 94%, RF 90%,1W 96%, 1F 94%, 2W 98%, 2F 95%, 3W 98%, 3F 96%, 4WF 96%, 4W 97%, 4F 96%, 5W 97%, 5F 97%, 6W 97%, 6F 95% ** ** Congratulations to 2W and 3W for achieving the highest attendance. Well Done!**