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week ending 12.5.17

This is our third week of Monster Maths and the children are constantly demonstrating their growing ability to solve problems, use language linked to time and to describe and discuss how they have arrived at an answer - all amazing skills for Reception children to possess. This week we started the week off with some writing. We wanted to give clues about what our monsters looked like. Take a look at some amazing and truly INDEPENDENT writing. WOW no
We have also been busy learning about the importance of helping others and about the need to talk to solve problems. This is really evident when we played team games in PE on Monday, we had to work together, solve problems, support each other and listen, a really important skill. These types of activities just show what an amazing class we are and how we celebrate diversity and work together to achieve a goal. Well done everyone!
We have also been busy creating shape monsters. We have used 2d shapes and 3d shapes to make monsters. Firstly, our 2d monsters. We named, described and painted 2d shapes and made a monster. We then used 3d shapes such as spheres, cylinders and cubes and added features such as googly eyes, pipe cleaner ears and paper teeth to create 3d shape monsters.We had so much fun and learned lots of new language as we worked. 
We have also been using time related words in class for example, tomorrow, next week, later, earlier etc and you might have noticed that we made clocks in class. We are beginning to explore when things happen and at what times for example breakfast time, lunchtime and teatime and whereabouts in the day they fall. This is one of our very talented children who created her own clock and added all the numbers. 
We hope that you have a wonderful weekend in the sunshine. Reception staff and children