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Reception W

Week ending 10th March 2017


As always this week has been a busy and fun filled week. This week we have been using the text The Rainbow Fish as the focus of our learning. We read the story and thought about the message it presented - being kind to others and looking after our friends. So we thought about what qualities make a good friend, this is what we think.....


Mia said a good friend shares their toys

Lyla said a good friend will look after you

Maddison said a good friend will play with you and help you


We have also had a series of challenges to complete in the classroom. One of the challenges involved us trying to beat the sand timer and recover all of the fish and boats from the bottom of the sea without touching the ropes and using a pair of tweezers. It was tricky but like always, we try hard and reach our goal 😀
We also explored colours as the rainbow fish is very bright and colourful. We used special powders and water and predicted, tested and talked about what happened when we add water to powder. The results are amazing and once they are dry they will look great displayed on the wall 👍
As always, we have been busy practicing our writing thinking about both letter formation and sentence writing. Just look at the amazing writing we have produced. Both of these pieces have been done independently which is such an amazing achievement. The staff are really proud and so are the children and rightly so. 

Back to the Rainbow FIsh. We talked about how the different textures of the fish in the story. We thought about some good describing words that we could use. We created a comprehensive list and here is just a few of them....

prickly, spiky, smooth, bumpy, rough, sparkly and shiny 🐠🦀🦈🐡

We then used some of these words to describe the slime that we made. This is just a mix of cornflour and water but it feels so funny. We tried to hold it in our hands and stop it from dribbling but it was impossible. Here we are trying to hold, squeeze and shape the slime 👌

That is all for this week. Next week we are going to be learning all about dinosaurs and all of the activities we do will be linked to them. We are going to create fossils, dinosaur footprint biscuits, writing shopping lists and taking part in lots more exciting learning opportunities so please come back next Friday to look at our blog.


Just a couple of reminders.......

please don't forget to return your parents evening slips as soon as possible

reading books need to come back into school on a Monday so that we can change them and talk to the children about their books. It is also really useful if you can sign their reading record to say you have shared the story together


Have a great weekend

staff and children in reception w



Week ending 3rd March


Hello and thank you for returning to look at our blog and to find out what we have been learning about. This week we have been thinking about Space, in particular, what it would be like to visit there and what we would need to do so. We started the week off by creating a mind map of all of the things we already know about space and I'm sure you will see some of the knowledge we already have is amazing!



We learned about craters, gravity and Jake had some amazing knowledge about how you can move in space linked to gravity. Well done Jake 👍
If that wasn't exciting enough we celebrated pancake day on Tuesday. We created our own pancakes and flipped and tossed and chose the toppings that we would like to eat. This was a fantastic opportunity for the staff to listen to the conversations the children were having about healthy foods and foods that are treats. 🥞
Now back to our space theme. We talked about and used information books to find out what space is like. We talked about how the environments differe from the one we are used to in day to day life. We created lists of what things we thought we needed to take if we were ever lucky enough to go to space. 😄
We also have been developing our fine motor skills and in particular our pincer grip. We had to manipulate pipe cleaners into different position and cover with tinfoil in order to create an astronaut. There was a lot of pinching, rolling and twisting involved and it was a little bit fiddly but we are really proud of our efforts 🙂
And of course we celebrate World Book Day. We came dressed as our favourite character from a book and we put so much effort into our costumes. We talked about our favourite stories, about characters and told lots of different stories. Take a look at us celebrating together 
All that is left to do is to wish you all a wonderful weekend and we will see you again on Monday. 

Week ending 17th February 2017


Hello and welcome back to our blog. This week is the second week in our Physical Fortnight learning experience. We have been busy thinking about the different ways we can promote good health by both what we eat and the exercise we take part in. As per the last few weeks we have been busy in PE with coach Chris and taking part in lots of physical games that develop our muscle tone and makes our heart beat faster.

We have also been using the text FunnyBones as the basis of our learning. We have been thinking about the body and in particular, what it looks like from the inside. We have been using a skeleton model and various resources to create our own images of the skeleton. We have learned so many things by doing this activity. Here is a snippet of our learning…..

Arthur – bones stop you from going floppy

Maya – It (the skeleton) doesn’t have a heart

Maddison – muscles and bones help you to move.

We have also been busy developing our writing skills and have been writing in different genres. Today we have written labels and used them to pin on the skeleton in order to name all of the different parts of the body. Did you know that we now know the names of the skull, spine and ribs and where to find them. Amazing!

We have also been out onto the ALPS are to collect sticks and we have used them to create a life size skeleton outside. Tricky work but once again we rose to the challenge and we are very proud of our newest addition to the class.

We have had an amazing time at Jump Division on our trip. Take a look at all of the action shots 


Still image for this video
We hope that you have a fantastic weekend and we hope that you have a lovely holiday. Reception Staff.

Week ending 10th February 2016


 This week we have been busy learning all about different ways to stay healthy and how exercise is important to our lifestyles. We started the week thinking about healthy choices when it comes to food. We said that all different kinds of foods are important in our diet but some foods we should consider as a treat. This is us making our healthy sandwiches 

We then thought about the different ways we could develop our muscle control and we went outside and created an obstacle course that we had to go under, through, around and in and out of to develop our gross motor skills. We had so much fun!
We also had a great time with coach Chris from the active living team. We used so many different muscles and skills playing really fun and exciting games 
We have also been developing our brains. We have been working so hard in maths to recognise numbers and to create number sentences. We used counters to act as strawberry seeds and then we rolled a dice, selected the correct number of counters and then wrote a number sentence. We have learned some new words such as add and equals. We are really proud of ourselves 
next week we will be learning more about different ways of staying healthy. We hope you have a great weekend

Week ending 3rd February 2017

This week we have been learning all about Australia. We used a globe and an atlas to find out where in the world it was situated. We looked at the many ways Australia is different to Great Britain – weather, places of interest etc.


We started by looking at and studying Aboriginal art work. We noticed that lots of the images they created where done so using dots. We set about creating our own dot pictures. It took a lot of time and concentration but we think we have done a marvellous job!

We also looked at some of the food that is popular in Australia and we discovered that a cake called Lamington was something that lots of people seemed to enjoy. We used the Internet to find the recipe and then wrote a list of all of the ingredients that Mrs Evans would need to buy. Take a look at the finished article they look and tasted delicious.

We also looked at rainsticks and didgeridoos and discovered that these musical instruments are widely used in Australia so we thought it would be a really good idea to make our own. We tried to decorate it in patterns and swirls and then added things to the inside that we thought would make a really good sound. We are impressed with our hard work and each one is unique and different.

We also used small pieces of paper to create a mosiac picture about Ayers Rock. We talked about why we needed to use specific colours and where the rock is situated. We looked at pictures on the Internet about how it would look from space. It was amazing! 

Next week we are going to be taking part in the first week of a 2 week Physical Fortnight enhancement we will be looking at ways to stay healthy and taking part in lots of physical activities planned to develop our co-ordination and gross motor skills. Have a great weekend. Staff and children x 

Week ending 27th January 2017

Welcome back to our blog and this week we would like to say to you all Kung Hei Fat Choi which means happy new year!

As you already are aware this week we have been learning all about China and in particular, Chinese New Year. We have been using the Internet and books to find out information and we have learned so much. This is a little snippet of what some of the children have said ....

Alexis - Red is a lucky colour

Mia - People dance with dragons and lions

Dakota - People sometimes use chopsticks to eat their food


As you can see we have had a busy week learning.

We started the week off with our chopstick challenge. We held the chopsticks and we had 1 minute to see how many we could pick up. We got better the more we practiced and even though it was tricky we had a great time trying
In the discussion after watching a video about New Year celebrations we discovered that at new year people often gave money gifts in little red envelopes. We found some images on the internet, printed them and set about cutting them out to make our own lucky red money envelopes. There were so many skills involved in this and our cutting and fine motor skills are developing nicely.
We also took our dragon outside and created some of our own dragon dancing. We moved up,downand side to side really quickly to create the movements. It was tricky to try and stay together but we managed it. 
We also explored colour mixing and what happens when we mix 2 colours together. We had 1 hand painted in red and the other hand was painted in yellow and then we mixed them together to create orange and we even managed to make dragons as we did so. 
In learning about the Chinese zodiac calendar we talked about the different animals and the symbols that are used. We learned so much about writing. We discovered that there were lots of lines and flicks, that writing happens from top to bottom and not from left to right. We then created our own symbols to represent each of the animals. These are now on the door in our classroom so please come and take a look. 
We ended the week of with a trip to the Chinese Buffet in Wigan. We were so sensible and well behaved and the staff are very proud of us. Whilst there we tried ribs, noodles, stir fry and lots of other chinese food. The building was amazing. Right at the bottom of the stairs is a great big carving made out of wood the children couldn't believe it. 
Next week we are going to be learning about Australia. If you have any information or pictures we would love to see them. Have a great weekend x

Week ending 20th January 2017


Welcome back to our blog. As you already know we are learning about the world around us. This week all of our learning has been focused on Italy.We have watched videos, read books and used the Internet to find out information about this country. We are continuing to develop our understanding that we can use books and the Internet to find out information and this is something that we will continue to build on every week. 

So first things first. We started the week off by using the atlas and a globe to find out where Italy is in the world. We located it on our map on the wall and noticed that we had postcards from there.  We talked about the weather, food etc and looked at a video about some of the famous sights and sounds of Italy.


We looked at a very famous building called the Leaning Tower of Pisa. We talked about what made it so special. We then thought that we could have a go at creating our own leaning tower. This really challenged our problem solving skills and we had to test which construction material was best for making a tower that leaned to the side. After much discussion and trial and error we decided that the logs were best. Here is the end result.  

We then thought about the different foods that might be available if we were to go to Italy. We decided that pizza would be a good thing for us to make. We followed a instructions, chopped and diced vegetables and talked about the healthy choices we could make in our lives. This was so much fun, actually, what was more fun thought was actually eating it. Delicious! 
We also created an experiment. We found out via the Internet that Italy has a number of volcanoes. We created our own volcano by adding Baking Soda to white vinegar and then stood back and watched it fizz. It was great. We learned so much new vocabulary such as erupting, exploding, lava and much more. It was so exciting to hear the children use these words and understand them when they went off to play independently. 
That's all for this week. Next week to tie in with Chinese New Year we will be learning about China. Remember it is our trip to the Chinese Buffet on Friday afternoon so all letter and monies need to be in school as soon as possible please. Also try to remember your child's reading books on a Monday. This is the day that we change them and if children bring their book bags to school everyday when we can we like to listen to them tell the story to us. Have a great weekend and see you all on Monday 

Week ending Friday 13th January 2017


Hello and a very happy new year to you all. We hope that you had a fantastic Christmas and that you are all refreshed and ready to learn. 


This half term we are going to be learning about the world around us and the wider world. Each week we are going to be looking at a different country and learning about their language, customs and cuisine. Already we are very excited.


The first country we are going to be learning about is France. We talked about the things we already knew about France before starting so that we can look again at the end of the week and compare our new learning.

Firstly we talked about the French flag. We looked at different flags and talked about what was the same and what was different about them. This was really interesting. Who knew there were so many flags and so many different colours? We then took each letter of the word France and tried to think of different words that began with that letter - we really had to switch our thinking hats on and these are some of the things we came up with. 
Look at the progress we are making with our writing. Even though we have had a 2 week holiday we have remembered our sounds. 

Thinking about some of the famous landmarks in France we looked at the Eiffel Tower. We talked about it and found out lots of information. For example, did you know that there are 1, 700 steps inside the tower? Amazing!


We then had a good idea and we worked together in small groups to create our own version of the Eiffel Tower. This was a really good way of developing our communication and language skills as well as an opportunity to develop our social skills as we had to talk and work together to create the tower. Take a look at one groups amazing Eiffel Tower.

We also talked about our goals for the year. What did we want to learn, what did we want to practice in order to develop our skills even further. We had some very interesting answers and the children were really good at identifying things they were good at and what they would like to develop. Here is our work. 
And finally. We celebrated the end of our week learning about France with a french breakfast. We talked about some of the foods that you may be able to sample if you were on holiday in France and how some of them might differ to what we eat for breakfast.Some of the children hadn't tried croissants and crepes so we thought it would be a good idea if we sampled the cuisine together. We have to say it was delicious smiley
We have also been developing our hand eye co-ordination and have been doing some of the write dance activities - this is where we listen to a piece of music and then make the marks in time to music depending on whether it is a fast piece of music or a slow piece. This weeks music was linked to a story about a magic pot that run away from its owner. The music was fast and very busy. Here are the marks we made.  
Thank you for visiting our blog. Have a wonderful weekend. Don't forget if you have any postcards from around the world we would love to see them. Staff and children in Reception W smiley

Week ending 22nd December 2016


Hi and welcome back to our very final blog of 2016! The year so far has been full of eventful and exciting learning opportunities and we want to thank you all for supporting us with everything that we do in class. We have been busy this week especially with our trip. The children were so very well behaved and they had a fantastic festive time.

All that's left to do is to wish you a very happy christmas and a wonderful new year and we will see you all again in 2017 smiley

Week ending 16th December 2016


Hi. Thank you for visiting our blog again we have so much that we want to share with you. 

This week we have been busy designing and making a cake for the bake off competition. We worked together as a class to come up with an idea and because we are in such a happy festive mood we thought we would make the biggest christmas pudding cake ever!
We also had some amazing class cakes made by some of the children. We are such a talented bunch in Reception W. Here is just a small selection. Looking at all of these yummy cakes is making us very hungry!
We have also been coming to school everyday waiting to see what our little elf friend has been up to. The children are so keen to get into the classroom and find him. Here is a little peek at what he has been up to. 
And of course we must not forget our nativity. The staff are so very proud of the children. They were super sensible, had their very best singing voices and remembered when to stand and when to go on and off the stage. Here is our class nativity picture. Thank you to all those parents who attended i am sure that you truly enjoyed what you saw.

Week ending 9th December 2016


Thank you for returning to look at our blog. This week the festive season is well in swing in Reception W. The children took such pride in decorating the class christmas tree and we are sure you'll agree that it looks fantastic. 

We started the week off with a festive maths activity. The children had the challenge of counting out the correct number of pom poms to use as decorations on the christmas trees. We had to identify the number, count out the correct number from a larger set and then add them to the tree and check. 
We also had a new member of the class join us. Our elf friend. Every day he appears in a different place in the classroom and we have to find him. We also have to remember not to touch him so that he doesn't love his Elf powers. We really look forward to coming in in the mornings and finding out where he is hiding.  
We have also been developing our cutting skills. We created snowflakes and added them onto the window display in the classroom. We talked about the fact that we are just like snowflakes as no two snowflakes are the same and no two children are the same. We are all different and that is what makes us unique and very special. 
We have also continued to develop our number skills, in particular, counting beyond 10. We had strips of paper each one with a different number on and then we had to order them from smallest to largest. We learned so much. We talked about 1 more and 1 less, what numbers comes next when we count and we compared numbers and talked about the biggest and the smallest. Who could believe that so much could be taught using a tree with numbers on. This was really simple to do and a great idea for parents to try at home. 

And finally, the nativity. This week we have been into the hall and practising our nativity. The staff are so pleased with the way the children organise themselves and with the enthusiasm when singing. We have even managed to include a dress rehearsal. We are not going to say anymore as we want it to be a surprise. Please remember that you need to complete the letter regarding the session you would like to come and watch - either Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning and the allocation is 2 tickets per family.


After such a busy week we are ready for a restful weekend. Enjoy yourselves whatever you are doing and i wonder where our elf friend will be on Monday morning........


Bye for now


Staff and children in Reception W

Week ending 2nd December 2016


Welcome back to our weekly blog. This week we have been so very busy in class. This week we have been using the focus of the Hungry Caterpillar story as the basis for our learning. 

We started the week off practising our throwing and catching skills. We used the fruit from the Hungry Caterpillar story and took turns to throw it in his mouth. We then had to take it out and count it and find the total this was so much fun and we really are getting good at adding 2 small groups together to find the total. 
We went outside and did lots of work on our gross motor skill development. We created circles, lines and other shapes and really worked our upper body. This is something that we can do at home and is great development. 

We also explore textures and thought about how the caterpillar would feel if we could touch him. These are some of the great describing words we came up with....

Lyla - I think he would feel prickly

Arthur - I think he would feel like a brush on my hand

We have such a busy week planned next week and we can't wait to share it with you!


Have a great weekend.


Reception W staff and children

Week ending 18th November 2016


This week we have been using the text Aliens love Underpants. We read the story and thought about the characters and what happened at the beginning, middle and end of the story. This is something that you can ask the children at home when you have read their reading book together.


We also have been attempting lots of different number challenges. Mrs Evans hid lots of different numbers in paper and we had a minute using the egg timer to find as many as we could. Once we had found the numbers we had to identify them and then sort them so the same numbers were together this was so much fun and we practised remembering numbers without even realising. 


In the story Aliens love Underpants they talk about different patterns. So to help us identify and talk about patterns we created some of our own using coloured penguins. We started off by using two different colours and then we progressed to creating a trickier patterns using 3 colours. Take a look at our patterns. 

We also designed underpants. We thought about how we could use patterns with shapes and numbers to create them. We talked about what makes a pattern prior to starting and then talked about our pattern out loud before we put it on paper. 


Still focusing on the story we then thought about how we could learn about matching number and quantity. We used alien numbers and animals and tried to count out only the number that we needed. This is something that we are going to be practising a lot more and something that you can help us with at home for example when getting tea ready you can ask your child to get you 4 spoons or 5 cups.


On Friday we celebrated Children In Need. We have to say the children looked absolutely amazing and it was great to see so many supporting this worthy cause. We also made biscuits to sell so that we could raise as much money as possible. Thank you to all those parents who supported us we are really going to make a difference! 

We hope that you have a great weekend. Love staff and children in Reception W

Week ending 11th November 2016


Thank you for returning to look at our blog. This week we have been learning about both Autumn and the text Supertato. Read on to find out more. 


We started the week off by moving in different ways in PE. we used the text we are going on a leaf hunt as the focus for our movement session. we marched, danced, did big strides and tiny footsteps. We then used coloured streamers to make big letter shapes - this is something that you could try at home. We practiced writing letter sounds such as a, m, s and i with the streamers and trying to make it as large as possible. Take a look below.

We also went on a nature walk on Monday afternoon. We looked for specific objects and collected them. We found wavy leaves, red leaves, sycamore seeds, pointy leaves and big round leaves. Here we are on our nature walk wrapped up for the cold! 
We have also been thinking about letter sounds. We looked at lots of different objects and identified what sounds they started with. We then had to sort them into the correct group. 
Thinking about Autumn we looked at the leaves and identified numbers and sorted them into the correct order. We have been learning to count from different numbers and not always starting at 0. We also count forwards and backwards starting from different numbers. We also identified numbers and pegged the correct number of pegs to the right leaf. Here we are sharing our learning.  
Using the text Supertato we created our own Supertato models. We had to cut, attach and use different resources and materials and change and adapt our work. We had so much fun and learned so much. 
On Friday we invited parents to come and stay with us in class and learn some more about how we teach and learn how to read. We had a great time and we took part in lots of different activities designed to help us develop our love of reading and we couldn't wait to share this and show our grown ups around the room. They also had lots of fun. Below is a selection of pictures from the morning. As a staff, we just wanted to say thank you to everyone who attended and we hope that you found it useful and have some ideas about things you can do at home to help your child develop their love of reading. 
And finally. All of the vegetables we used to retell the Supertato story we chopped, blended and transformed them into a yummy and very tasty vegetable soup. Delicious! 
We hope that you have a fantastic weekend. Love staff and children in Reception W

Week ending Friday 4th November

Hello and welcome back to our blog. We hope that you have had a wonderful weeks holiday and are rested and ready to learn.


This week we have been thinking about Bonfire Night and why it is we celebrate it. We watched a video about the Gunpowder Plot and talked about what we saw. It was very interesting Arthur said! no


We started the week off by making sequencing patterned rockets using fresh and healthy fruit. We used grapes, blueberries and strawberries and made repeating patterns. They tasted delicious. 

We then thought about the colours of Bonfire Night and what happens when colours are mixed together. We had such a great time creating Bonfire pictures and colour mixing and we now have these on display in our classroom. This is what some of the children said....

Lyla - wow i mixed red and yellow and its gone orange

Alexander - I made lots of different and new colours mixing them up together 

This week when we went out onto the ALPS we took with us some paint swatch samples. We talked about shades of colours and how some are lighter than others and some are darker. We learned and used so much new language and we had a great time comparing colours and finding exactly the right shade we needed. Here we are working in pairs and making our colour swatches. Mrs Evans has pinned these onto the classroom door if you would like to come inside and see them?
We have also been busy creating a poppy wreath to help us to remember the very brave soldiers. We talked a little about the importance of the poppy and what it signifies. Here is the finished wreath. We can't wait to see them on display and to go and look at what the other classes produce. 
We have also had 100% attendance which is absolutely amazing. We love coming to school in Reception W and to celebrate this we have made our attendance owl a special place to sit in our cloakroom (please come in and look at him). We are hoping that very soon he has some more friends to sit alongside him which means that we have all been in school again all week.
Next week we will be using the text We are going on a Leaf Hunt as the focus for our learning and we have loads of exciting things planned starting with a local walk on Monday. Please remember to send your child with their wellingtons and a coat in case it is a little chilly. smiley
Have a super weekend. Love from the staff and children in Reception W

Week ending 21st October


What a wonderful week we have had in class. This week is our final week learning all about the author Julia Donaldson. We have used the text Superworm this week as the basis for our learning and Oh My Goodness what a lot we have learned.



We started the week off by developing our cutting skills. We used spiral patterns as a template to cut out to create our own worms. Look at the concentration on Harry's face as he cuts with such care and precision. Well done Harry no
We then used lots of different sized and coloured worms and we tried to find out as many ways as we could to sort them. We sorted them by colour and size. Here we are with our sorting circles and worms.  
The before we went out onto the Alps we thought about the different ways we could look after the wildlife whilst we are off on holiday. Someone had a really good idea that we could feed the birds. So, we used cereal, pipe cleaners and ribbon to make our own bird feeders. There was a lot of skill involved in this activity. We had to twist the pipe cleaners together, thread the cereal pieces and then twist it into a shape. We then attached ribbon and took them out onto the Alps.
We have also had a wonderful time writing letters in the large tray. We have used all of our knowledge from RWI and put it into practice. Take a look at some of these letters.
And finally. A perfect end to the week and our half term learning about all things Julia Donaldson. A trip to Delamere Forest. We were so well behaved and sensible and it was an absolute pleasure to take the children. We had great fun making dens for mini-beasts, we had a story in the middle of the woods and we even managed to find the Gruffalo! Amazing
We hope that you have a wonderful half term holiday and we can't wait to see you again in a weeks time. Love Staff and children in Reception W

Week ending 14th October 2016


This week we have been using the text The Smartest Giant in Town as the basis for our learning in class. We listened to the story on Monday and we talked about the importance of helping each other and how the Giant was such a good friend. We started the week off in PE by developing our social skills and team building skills by playing a series of games. Here we are playing Tadpoles and working together to pass the ball up and down a line. Tricky to begin with but by talking and working together we soon cracked it!

In the story The Smartest Giant he gives away his clothes to help his animal friends out. We thought that this was such a lovely idea we would help the Giant out by designing him an outfit to wear. Take a look at some of our creations. We are budding designers in the making smiley
We also have been busy developing our fine motor skills and have been learning how to thread. We used the giants shoes and a threading lace and used the up/down motion to create his laces. This was hard to do but with a little bit of support and encouragement we managed. The grown ups are very proud of us for not giving up no
On our weekly visit to the ALPS we worked on our Maths skills. We selected leaves and before we could put them into the magic bag we had to describe them. Some children talked about them being long and thin leaves, some children described them as lumpy and bumpy and some children talked about them being different in colour. All in all we learned and used lots of Maths language and we are beginning to be able to compare objects and talk about their similarities and differences.
On our return from the ALPS we created our own leaves and talked about the veins and how the seasons change and hat happens to the leaves and trees at this time of the year. Look at the art work we produced and our attention to detail.

That's all for this week. Next week will be our final week learning all about Julia Donaldson texts and we will be focusing on Superworm, we thought this was appropriate particularly as we are going to Delamere Forest on Friday. Please make sure that you have returned your permission slips and on the day the children will need to be in full school uniform, have a coat and wellingtons in case it's muddy. Also, if your child brings a packed lunch from home please make sure that you put it in a carrier bag so that we don't have to carry it around with us after we have eaten.


We hope that you have a great weekend. Staff and children in Reception W

Week ending 7th October 2016


There's no such thing as a Gruffalo! Oh yes there is and we can tell you all about it.


Firstly we started the week off by moving in different ways in PE. We thought about the different characters from the Gruffalo story and how they would move. For example the snake would roll and slither, the Gruffalo would have big heavy footsteps and the little mouse would scurry. Here we are moving around the hall.

We also have been working hard on developing our hand eye co-ordination and fine motor skills. We used plasticine to create our own versions of the Gruffalo. Each one looks different and very scary. Have a little look at some of our models.
We have also been busy hunting down the Gruffalo. We found lots of different footprints in and around the phase and we took our magnifiers and tried to hunt the Gruffalo down. Each footprint as different and we eventually found the Gruffalo hiding in Mrs Rothwell's classroom. Here we are on our Gruffalo hunt
We have also been very busy in the Creative area of the classroom. We thought carefully about the Gruffalo and talked about all of his scary features such as his purple prickles, his sharp claws and so on. We then put these ideas to good use and created our own version of the Gruffalo using box modelling materials. Don't be scared!  
Following a set of instructions we created our own Gruffalo crumble cakes. We had to listen carefully and then carry out the instructions and talk afterwards about the order we completed things. This is great for developing our memory skills and helps us to recall events in the right order. We think our Gruffalo cakes look yummy!

Remember to come back next week and visit our blog as next week we are going to be using the text The Smartest Giant in Town and we have so many fun and exciting learning experiences planned. We hope that you have a great weekend. Love the staff and children in Reception W.


P.S. Don't forget that we change reading books every Monday no

Week ending 30th September 2016


This week we have been busy learning all about the Stickman. We have taken part in lots of activities that have been designed to help us develop our physical, personal and social skills and Literacy skills. 

So let's find out about this weeks adventure! no

We started the week off by using twigs to create different 2D shapes. We talked about the number of sides they have and how we can look for shapes in the environment. Here is Maddison using twigs to create her shape. Can you guess what shape it is? smiley
We also thought about the sounds in our names and we used some sensory sand - coloured and scented to write our letter sounds. Take a look at the work we produced.
We also used natural materials to create our own paintbrushes and we practiced writing the first sound in our names, learning all about capital letters and how they are different to other letters. 
We then went out onto the ALPS area armed with sticks, sellotape, blu tack and googly eyes. To do what we hear you ask? Well we went outside to make Stickmen. We have now positioned these on the doors inside our classroom. Please come inside and take a look.
Next week we will be learning all about the Gruffalo. We can't wait to explore and experiment with the text so please come back and read all about it next week. We hope that you have a great weekend. Love from the Staff and Children in Reception W smiley

Week ending 23.9.16

Hi and thank you for coming back to look at our blog and to find out more about what we have been learning this week.


This week we are continuing to learn about the different books written by the author Julia Donaldson. This week we have used the text Tiddler. We read the story and stared the week off by developing our cutting skills and cutting out fish that we then use to weave coloured strips through to look just like Tiddler. Take a look at us weaving. We found it difficult to begin with but after a little practice we became really good at it.

We also developed our pattern making skills. We looked at different coloured socks and had to sort them into pairs. We then were set a challenge by Mrs Evans to try and match the socks in under a minute. A big no to all those children who completed the challenge. 
We also went onto the ALPS this week. We had a great time. We had a task to do and had to identify different numbers and then find the right number of twigs to match. We had so much fun. We even had our snack on the ALPS. Here we are matching numeral and quantity.
A big thank you goes to all of those parents who have returned their proud cloud moment. The children have absolutely loved having them read out to their friends and they are now proudly on display in our cloakroom area. We have also placed a copy of them in your child's learning journey. Please keep them coming in it's such a lovely experience for them to share their achievements with others.  
Please come back and visit our blog next week as we will be using the text The Stick Man and we have so many exciting learning opportunities planned. We hope you have a fantastic weekend. Love staff and children in Reception W 

Week ending 16.9.16

Hello and welcome back to our blog smiley


This week we have been using the text The Snail and the Whale and all of our learning has been linked to this book. We started the week off talking about the story and how the tiny little snail must have felt. We had a great discussion no


We then linked this to patterns and created our very own repeating patterned snail - using 2 colours and a spiral pattern. We are getting good at predicting what colour needs to come next in order to complete a pattern.

We then studies some real live snails and talked about their movements, colour, feeding habits and we used a magnifier to enlarge their tiny features. Here we are studying and making sketches using pencils.  
We also added detail using pastels and we carefully selected colours and used different light and heavy strokes. Look at Sophia's beautiful work. 
On Friday we worked on developing our fine motor skills and we used plasticine to create snails. We had to roll, pinch, mould and bend it to create different shapes and this was such a fun activity and we really worked and strengthened our fingers and muscles. Here is the garden of snails we created. 

Next week we are going to use the text Tiddler and all of our learning will be linked to under the sea. Please come back and visit our blog next week. Have a great weekend. Staff and children in Reception W.



Monday - PE and Reading bags please

Everyday we are asking for Read Write Inc bags to come to school everyday so we can add a new sound when we have covered it.

Week ending 9th September

Hello and welcome to all of our new parents and children. This week we have been busy settling the children into class and learning all about the new routines in class. We are thrilled with the way the children have settled. They have big smiles on their face and are very keen and eager to learn.smiley


We have already started to make our classroom look like the happy and productive place it is and you might have noticed that we now have two noticeboards full of work already. We have started to think about what we like and what makes us happy and the many different ways we can help each other. We painted pictures of ourselves and talked about the ways we can work together to help each other and what being part of a team means. 

We will be sending reading books out on Tuesday next week and we hope that you enjoy spending time with your child talking about the pictures and making up fun stories. smiley


We will also be visiting the ALPS area on Wednesday afternoon next week but we will send out a reminder the day before about needing wellingtons and a warm coat in case of rain.


Next week we are going to start our learning linked to the author Julia Donaldson. Each week we are going to take a different story and base our learning around it. Next week we are going to start with the text The Snail and The Whale so please remember to visit our blog every Friday to find out what we have been learning about.


One final message. PE is on a Monday morning. Please check that you have put your childs name in every item of their PE kit and school uniform. 


Have a wonderful weekend.


Staff and Children in Reception W