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week ending 5th May 2017

This week we are continuing with our Monster Maths Theme. We have been busy developing lot of skills and adding to the knowledge we already have. So let's take a look at our learning this week. We started off the week by creating monsters by adding lots of different materials together and talking about ways we can combine them. This was a great activity for developing our problem solving skills. 
We have also been using technology to look at how images are created. We use the Internet and books for so many reasons we wanted the children to develop their understanding that technology is used all around us and in the home. So we set the children a challenge, we asked you to look around the home and find as many different devices as possible and look at how they work for example are they operated by batteries or a plug? We had so many amazing responses. Take a look at our new learning 
We have also been developing our maths skills by creating a roll the dice monster. This was a great game and we are really good at following instructions and waiting patiently for a turn. We had to roll the dice, say the number aloud and then find the number and see what monster body part we could draw. We really have had some weird and wonderful creations and this just shows how fantastic our imaginations really are. These are now up on the wall in our role play area so please spend a moment and come and take a look. 
Next week will be week number 3 of Monster Maths and we have some amazing learning opportunities planned. We hope that you have a great weekend. Staff and children in Reception w smiley