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week ending 5th June 2017

Week ending 5th June 2017


What a wonderful and very busy week we have had. This week we have been focusing on lots of different skills in class. We have been paying particular attention to developing our knowledge of 3D shapes. We have been talking about the names and properties of them and using language such as faces and edges. The learning that has taken place has been amazing! 

We have also been busy exploring sounds, talking about high and low sounds, loud and quiet sounds as well as what instruments we thought would be best for certain sounds for example a giant running, a butterfly fluttering. 
We have also been thinking about numbers and doubling and halving. We have learned about how to share objects so each person has the same amount. We also are really good recalling our doubling facts to 10. Try us out and ask us!
We hope that you have a wonderful weekend. Staff and children in Reception W