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Week ending 21.4.17

This week we have been busy learning all about Growth. We have used the text Jack and The Beanstalk as part of our learning and the results are well worth a look!
We started the week off listening to the story and talking about the characters and their actions - we answered questions using why, where, how and what. After we really understood the story we thought about the structure of the beanstalk - how tall was it, how did it grow so quickly? we had so many questions.
So, in order to find an answer to our questions we used the Internet - wow what an amazing resource if used safely and we have so much more knowledge now. We talked about the different parts of a bean and used the correct language to describe them. Take a look at our labelling images. Labels and writing captions is a big part of the writing we do in Reception and i am sure you'll agree its amazing.
We also decided to investigate the requirements a bean has in order to grow - we talked about the need for food, water, soil and sunshine - a little bit like the things a human needs to grow happy and healthy. We created our own experiment and planted beans and put them in the window so that we can check regularly that they are growing and that they have all that they need. 
Whilst we are also learning about Growth we thought it would be a good ideas to transform our reading corner into a reading garden. The children have loved the transformation and some of the reading we have observed has been most pleasing. We have a wonderful range of information texts there to help children develop their knowledge of both plant and animal growth. Take a look at us busy reading.
We also have been using the text Jack and the Beanstalk to help our maths development. We have been busy developing the skills needed to be able to write number sentences. We have been rolling a dice, counting the spots and then using the numbers to formulate a number sentence. We are really making great progress with this skill and this is something really simple that the children could practice at home. 
We have also been busy working on our ability to write and record numbers. We have been using number lines and missing number sentences to develop our knowledge of number order - take a look at us mark making and writing numbers on large sheets of paper. On a nice day we go outside and do this on the floor with chalk - this is a great idea for playing in the back garden now that the weather is getting warmer. 
Next week we are going to be starting a Monster Maths month. This is a wonderful way of developing confidence with lots of new skills and strategies that children need to be familiar with. Don't forget that you are welcome to come back to school on Monday afternoon at 2.15 for a Maths stay and play - we can't wait to show you lots of amazing ideas and activities for you to use at home. Have a wonderful weekend in the sunshine. Staff and children in Reception W