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Y6W Blog

Friday 11th July

We got off to a great start this week by winning the World Cup tournament!

Some of us won a medal for representing the school at Town Sports!

Well done Kayleigh - pupil of the week!

Finally, we received our SATs results this week - All of the Year 6 staff are thrilled and very proud of us all! We smashed it! Next week, we will perofm our final assembly and this week's rehearsals have been rather hectic but lots of FUN! Hopefully, everyone will be able to attend next Thursday!! Have a safe and happy weekend!


Welcome back to school for the summer term!  We cannot believe that we only have one more term left in primary school! After a relaxing two week holiday, we are all refreshed and raring to go! It will be a very busy term and this week we have worked full steam ahead towards our important tests, coming up in May.
We have enjoyed reading a booklet called Wolf Pack, which was fascinating – we learnt about how wolves are represented in different stories, cultures and everyday sayings! For example, to ‘cry wolf’ means to give a false alarm.
We are continuing to write in lots of different styles and this week have written about breaking records in a newspaper style. We do love our collection of Guinness World Record Books and this helped us to use our imaginations!
In maths, we have been studying a variety of different topics, including area and perimeter. 
At the end of every day, we are enjoying our class novel, called Ratburger by David Walliams - it is incredibly funny!
Congratulations to our pupil of the week:

For returning to school a 'switched on, ultra hard working, progress making, well behaved, great humoured, perimeter and area tastic Year 6 pupil!

Well done Liam

Friday 4th April

Hello Everybody,
What a hard working, accelerated learning, progress making week Year 6 have had!!
In Numeracy, Reading and Writing, we are all trying our very, very best to revise, remember and recall all the areas of learning covered, in the hope of achieving our very best in S.A.T.S. The staff are very proud of us already!
Over the Easter break, a homework pack is going to be given to each child, containing maths, reading and S.P.A.G. related work. Please do a little bit each day, 20 minutes at least, to ensure that our we ‘ hit the ground running’, after the holidays. S.A.T.S will only be 12 school days later! Pens can be found in each pack.
Congratulations to our stars this week;
Kyle – 6F
Jade – 6WF
Kia – 6W
Congratulations to our 2 Easter egg winners;
Kyle and Aidan
Have a safe, healthy and relaxing break – and let’s hope the sun shines each day.
Happy Easter
School opens – Wednesday 23rd April

 Friday 28th March
We have worked extremely hard this week yet again! The week started off with a performance in the large hall, called 'Maths Through History'. We witnessed how Egyptian maths helped create the pyramids, how the gun powder plot was foiled by position and direction and how King Arthur and his knights decided on the shape of their table! What a fantastic start to the week!!
Conveniently, the performance set us up nicely for our maths lesson as we started work on angles and time. Ask us to sing the angle song!!!!!!
In Literacy, we completed another comprehension about a variety of different topics. We took great delight in watching a short clip showing a hot air balloon ride and then we wrote a diary about what it would be like to go in one!! Up, up and away!!!!! 
Well done to the netball team who played a match this week. It was a close finish at 3-2 to the other team. Well played girls! Find out next week how the football team do!!!
Finally, a huge well done to Ellie and Ellie, who have achieved their gold wrist bands!!!!!!!!!!



This week's star worker is Rebecca and Alicia for being great friends.


Friday 21st March
Our families have been to visit our teachers for Parents’ Evening and they were happy to hear of our amazing progress so far.
We are fully in gear and feeling positive even though we are working very hard!
It was 6F good work assembly in which we saw photographs of World Book Day and the children showed off how much they are enjoying reading their newly acquired books.
Some of our children went to an exciting event in Manchester through the Halle Shine project. They were lucky enough to watch a live performance at the Bridgewater Hall!
Finally – what a way to end the week…
Thank you to everyone for all the donations…
Well done to Jack for winning star of the week for his fantastic miptor writing.

Welcome back from a well deserved half term! We were all very excited to be back and to see all of our friends. We really enjoyed sharing our Low Bank Ground pictures with everyone, the children who didn’t go shared their Victorian week pictures with us, they were amazing!!!

Firstly, in literacy we have been looking at a historical text called Brashem’s tortoise. Then we answered questions, some of them were hard some were easy. We had to do them in lots of detail because we are year 6! Also we did some sentence work on was and were because we all get mixed up sometimes.


In numeracy we have been doing square numbers and square roots! Also we did a summary of prime numbers. We watched a video clip to help us. It was very educational!!! We are now all experts with prime and square numbers, catch us out if you can!!!
  In science we did an experiment about dissolving. We had 3 cups of vinegar, 3 cups of lemonade, 3 cups of cooking oil and 3 cups of water. Also we had a cup of sugar, a cup of salt and a cup of sand. We poured salt, sugar and sand into the liquids to see which one dissolved.  Do you know the two that dissolved? It was the sugar and salt, the sand just sat at the bottom.
Congratulations to our pupils of the week,
Kian for being a perfect role model and Thomas for a brilliant piece of persuasive writing WELL DONE!!!!

Hope you enjoyed reading our blog!  See you all soon!!!!!  Have a good weekend! 

Friday 25th October
This week has been very different! Only 13 children were at school, everyone else was at Low Bank Ground. This is our week in a Nutshell.



Oh, and our name is Year Six Woof Woof! (WF- WF)
Unfortunately, today Alex, Jolene, Josh and Jessica are not here, but everyone else is going contribute in describing  their particular highlight of the week!
(The Bell, near the Old Man of Coniston)
We started our journey to The Bell, my GREATEST fear- heights blocked me from getting there! It was easy on the path but as soon I got to the rocks... Pulse racing, body shaking, my heart almost came out my chest! As I climbed and climbed my hands bled, but I FINALLY  reached the top. My greatest fear was conquered! However, climbing down the mountain was another story...
All thirteen of us climbed the Bell! My heart was thumping as we got higher up the mountain , the wind was trying to blow us away and the rocks were getting slippery! But , FINALLY we reached the top! The journey down was a lot EASIER! That was the day when I overcame my FEARS!!!
This week I have learned more about the Victorians.
The Victorians  are amazing because  of all the ways they  show themselves to every one!  I described a rich Victorian with all the sorts of things they wear and also look like.
A rich Victorian would wear a dress or a suit .
This week was a blast! We made some stained glass windows out of tracing paper and felt tips. WOW! I made a picture of a flower with squares around it whilst the calming, peaceful music was playing in the background. They were all so stunning the way that they were presented!! So now, they can shine and shimmer on our classroom  windows!
This week was a fun packed week! One thing that was amazing was the star gazing, it was great seeing what star sign we were. I am Gemini. Luckily, Gemini ends on the 21st of June- my birthday. Before this, I was confused about what star sign I was, because sometimes Gemini ends on the 20th of June, but now I know! Another thing we did this week was playing with the  Lego, but it wasn't just ordinary Lego this one you could plug into your computer. We built a leg that kicked a ball of paper using the computer to control the action.
So,  as I said before -  it was a fun-packed week!
My best thing about  our trip to Low Bank  ground was when we met our friends. My best activity was when we went on the mountain. The views were amazing at Low Bank. Next time I might go and tell it to a friend. By the way have you been to Low Bank?
At Low Bank Ground we had a amazing  time doing activities all through the day. We had a lovely activity looking for numbers around the woods. Later in the day, we climbed a mountain and I thought I was going to fall down. However, eventually we got up to the top of the mountain. But my biggest fear of all was climbing down the mountain. We struggled going down but we finally did it!!!
When I went to Low Bank Ground  on the bus me and my friends  had a laugh. We went into the woods, orienteering. We had to stamp a card  that had numbers on. After lunch, we scrambled up a mountain, The Bell. And I was sweating  when I got to the top! We went back and had hot chocolate and travelled back to school.
  And I won the Pupil of the Week for enthusiasm, chivalry and support of others all week. I was a total superstar!
That was our week - and it was fabulous!
Friday 10th October
Hello everyone!
Pupil of the week is...
for a brilliant day in Space!!!
Another busy and exciting, action-packed week!
The Westfield Speaks Winners were announced at a special assembly on Wednesday! We had the chance to see snippets of the speeches and they can all be viewed on the website - please take a look!!
Mrs France and the judges were so impressed with the high standard of speaking skills and the choice was so very difficult.
Mrs Millard (National Director of The Association of Speakers' Clubs) presented certificates and awards to the finalists, before announcing that a 'Special Achievement Award' to a group of speakers who really stood out on the 'finals' day!  Mrs France was incredibly impressed (she did not judge this group, as she may have been biased) that the group was chosen from Year 6F: Kyle, Emily, Dylan and Aidan formed the team - and they were AMAZING! WOW!
In Literacy, we have been learning how to argue... YES - ARGUE!
We have read an argument text all about whether humans should really rule the earth! An interesting question, since it International Space Week! Now we know that in order to have an unbiased 'argument' text, we must put across BOTH sides of an argument. We began by thinking about which was the most powerful - the wind or the sea and we really impressed our teachers with our amazing, well-considered answers!! In Big Writing, we have written a text called 'Should man go to Mars?.' Many of us managed to include the features of emotive language and convincing facts and figures! Well done to us all!
In Numeracy, we have practised our decimal number work and had another lesson on the pods!
On Thursday, we split into two groups as part of the SPACE week celebration! Some of us visited Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre and the rest of us enjoyed 'space' activities, at school.
Steve, the scientist, brought his planetarium to school. Now we are all experts on the stars in the night sky. We have been set a challenge - to check which direction our homes face - as we all know now that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west!
'Happy Weekend' everyone!

Friday 4th October
Well done Lucy - pupil of the week!
For overcoming her nerves in Westfield Speaks!

What an exciting week! On Monday, we continued our science work. The whole of Year Six went out to hunt micro-organisms at work, in particular, we looked out for 'decay!' We saw myriad examples of fungi, rotting leaves and moss. See our pictures below! Once again, we were blessed with heat and sunshine! We realise that decay is both important and useful and that eventually the autumn leaves, will eventually rot into the ground and provide nutrients in the soil and help new plants to grow!


In maths, we have enjoyed using the pods this week, even though they are slightly different to the ones we used in Year 5, we soon got the hang of them!


Even more children have achieved times tables wrist bands, this week. Mrs Walton is so very proud of them all!


In Literacy, we worked on a Year 6 comprehension SAT paper and the results look very promising - our teacher thinks we will all SMASH our targets! Most importantly, we are all feeling super-positive!


A group of sailors went out on Thursday.
Two weeks into their course and they are really impressing the staff at Scotsmans Flash, with their fantastic skills!


Well done to ALL!


The final of Westfield Speaks took place, on Thursday and Mrs France and the judges had a really tough time choosing the winners. The winners will be announced next week in a special presentation!
The standard was incredibly high! We have written a newspaper article today about it and some will be published on the school website.


Thank you to all the families who attended the meeting about Low Bank Ground. Not long to go – and very exciting for everyone!


See you next week – it’s National Science Week, so we’re full of anticipation for another exciting week in Year 6!



Mrs Evans has been DELIGHTED with some of the work that has been appearing as part of our Learning Log work.


We are continuing with our Victorian CFL topic and learning about life in those times- we have been studying the story of Oliver Twist and have been busy thinking about the difference in the lives of rich and poor.


What a fabulous PE lesson we had this week – circuit training – we were getting fitter by the minute – phew! It was hard work, but lots of FUN!!


In science, we are learning about micro-organisms and how they can be both harmful and helpful. We have set up some investigations to check whether air affects the growth of mould on food. Photographs are taken every day and we are observing the changes that take place. No sign of mould yet! Yucky pictures to follow….!!


This week, we have also been thinking about the up-coming Westfield Speaks competition. The theme is The Great Outdoors and some of us have already been working on ideas over the last few weeks. We have discussed what makes a good public speaker and will be practising in our bedroom mirrors at home over the next few weeks. Three children/groups from each class will go through to the FINAL, which will be held on 3rd October, in school. Watch this space for more information!


The challenge is on! Who will be the first children to be awarded Times Tables Wrist Bands in our class? Winners will be rewarded in next week’s phase assembly.


Next week, we will be presenting our manifestos to the rest of the class, in our application to become Class Councillors… who will be chosen?!


Have a safe and happy weekend!




Y6W 2013/14


W/C 02/09/13


Welcome back after a great summer holiday. We have all had a fantastic first week in year 6.


In Literacy, we have written about our holidays, learned about different sentence types and completed our first piece of handwriting for the termly competition. In big writing today, we watched a clip from the film, Finding Nemo at the point where it is Nemo's first day of school. We considered how Nemo felt, how his dad felt and how that compared to that of our new reception children and families who have started with us this year. We then wrote letters to our new parents to reassure them about their child starting Westfield.


In Numeracy, we have worked on our place value knowledge using extremely large numbers and……… we have SAVED THE WORLD by completing a very exciting maths quest!!!


We have started the new topic, Micro-organisms in Science. Did you know that there are useful ones as well as harmful?


We have not put any photos on this week. Once all planners have been brought back into school with the photograph consent page signed, we will start to post photographs showing what we have been doing. Please can you send these in with your child on Monday.


Congratulations to our certificate winners this week:


Ellie - for displaying all the attributes of a model Year 6 pupil, from the second you came into Year 6

Howard - for giving your very best, in all that you have done this week. We are very very impressed!


 Have a happy, healthy and safe weekend.
Talk to you all next week