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We have been busy writing our innovation text this week. We have planned and written our own warning story about an abandoned house. Our stories were full of fantastic vocabulary, modal verbs and cohesive devices.




This week we have started to look at Statistics. We have studied, read and interpreted different line graphs in order to answer a range of questions. Towards the end of the week we used some data to create our own line graphs.



In English week, we have been learning our model text 'The Canal'


The Canal is a danger story about two young boys who, despite being warned, go to play by an old canal and one of the boys falls in. We thought about other settings for danger stories (quarry, railway line, abandoned house) and started to plan a new story which we will write next week.



Problems! Problems! Problems!


This week has been full of problems in Maths this week. We have looked at addition and subtraction problems which we have solved using the bar model. On Friday Mrs Dougherty showed us some multi-step problems which were really tricky- we are going to look at these again next week.

Class Novel


We have continued to read our class novel, The Explorer by Katherine Rundell. We cannot wait to find out if the children, who are lost in the middle of the jungle, finally make it home.

Year 5W- 1st November



In English this week we have been focusing on poetry. We listened to The Magic Box by Kit Wright and used this to help to create our own poem called Things Found In A Witch's Pocket. 






In Maths this week we have been using our reasoning and problem solving skills to tackle addition and subtraction puzzles. We have identified missing numbers in column addition and subtraction calculations AND solved word problems using the bar model.

Welcome to Year 5W's Class Blog!!!


We have had a fantastic first week in school and have all settled in well to Year 5.



In English this week we have been reading our class novel, Charlie and the Chocolate factory. The children have enjoyed discussing different aspects of the story and have completed different reading activities related to the first three chapters.


In Maths we have been reading and writing numbers using place value grids to help us.

We have also been partitioning large numbers into their parts and identifying the value of different digits in numbers.


Our topic in Science is Living Things and their Habitats. This week we have learnt about what each part of a plant does.












We also learnt that flowers have male and female parts and found out what each part of a flower does.

Our Certificate Winner!!

This week Jayden Penn received the certificate for settling perfectly into Year 5.


Our new topic is Woodlands and Wetlands. This week we have thought about how and woodland and a wetland are similar and how they are different. We also identified different creatures that are found in woodlands and wetlands and considered how each creature was suited to their habitat.


Squirrels are woodland creatures which have sharp claws to help them climb trees.







Ducks are wetland creatures which have webbed feet to help them swim.